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Underneath a tanning bed, you could seriously damage your eyes. The UV light is already something you should avoid being around for too long, imagine opening your eyes right underneath it! They’ll burn red, tear up, and basically be ruined.
If you think, “Well, I can just close my eyes, right?”, then you’re wrong. Simply closing your eyes will still let the UV light through and your eyes will still burn afterward.
Your eyelids don’t tan in the first place, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. A pair of reliable goggles will protect your eyes from the UV light. There are a few catches to your goggles though.
They need to fit as snugly as possible. If they are loose, the light will find its way in. A tight pair of goggles can make the difference between a pleasant experience at the tanning salon and literally going blind.

Tanning goggles, quite like sunglasses, are made out of a semi-transparent plastic which keeps UV rays out almost entirely. The best kind of goggles are the ones that block out 99% of all UV light. This is also the standard for regular tanning to make sure you don’t burn your eyes while getting your tan.

sunrise 7200 stand up ergoline beds
sunbed googles

These tanning goggles take on a more modern design that fits perfectly. The nose bridge is kept at a distance so there’s no tan line while you use the goggles. These Peepers can be used in either a tan bed or stand up units. It comes with a black elastic that you can eave through the glasses and tightens around your head while you need to stand.

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